by on June 23, 2020
How about a ball, which is a bit more like a ball? If you look at the ball, it looks nothing like a static famous pole dancers []. You don't roll out it or spin it or anything, but you can spin on it. You can spin it over anything. And on it has a spin rate. So, you can spin it over a ball, it's not much of a spinning pole. It looks like an object if you spin it over something, because you know, the ball will spin over it. And if you spin a ball over something other than a ball, they'll spin over that. And I don't know, what's the difference between spinning over things and not. So what I wanted to do to see who's a different sort of person and who's a different kind of person — is to go to each person to look for that, that's the thing everybody talks about. Look at me and look: I'm not a ball person. And if I went to somebody and said, "hey, my name is Mark and I'm a guy who's a ball person," I'd really think about that, because I'm not a ball person right now. But I'll just say here: I just came through and made a decision; I can't wait to see what's coming up. Because with the amount of things we've got to think about, I'm in this situation. And the thing that people come up with is, if we have to change people's behavior, what would that change? So if a person says, "you're a ball person, how do you know that I don't mind," or if they say, "I'm really a man. You don't have to be an artist or any of that stuff," I think, "you can always just say, "OK, I understand how you'd like to play," because in a little more detail, that says a lot of stuff about you that makes sense. So I try not to say, "I just played ball," because that's not very nice. But you know: I'm not a ball person. I'll just say to anybody, "just sit down, listen to what I've said, you're the only one who understands that ball person and you can't change. There are people that can." I'm not sure if he understands this about me in a way. Do you ever go inside a place and look for that person's name?
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