ECommerce PHP Script Features

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This is just an overview of our core features, GoClixy - Marketplace has a lot more to offer.

eCommerce Features

The most important and critical features to have on your eCommerce website to perform sales and improve conversions.

Additional Components

Widely used modules that can take your eCommerce site to the next level.

Financial Modules

Modules to view financial information and increase your sales.

Other Useful Modules

Common features related to content management, security and advertising.

01. Packages: Create unlimited subscription plans with different terms, prices, and limits. The plan can be based on days/months/years with full/limited access. The customer can choose one as per their budget and requirement.

02. Profiles: Add unlimited profiles and manage them easily through the Admin Panel. You can also download them in PDF and Excel format.

03. Services: The user has an option to send interest and messages to the user. They can also block and Ignore profiles. In addition, they can view who viewed them recently and shortlisted them.

04. Text and Video Chat: Allow your users to text messages and video calls simultaneously. This is perhaps the greatest feature, the dating users love chatting with their matches.

05. Discover Matches: The user has an option to save their preferences. Once preferences are saved, the user can click on the discover matches link to view preference specific profiles only.

06. Bulk Emailing and Messaging: Communicate effectively with your customers by sending them Email and SMS notifications in large quantities and on a regular basis.

07. Advanced Search: Your customers can find exactly what they are looking for with our advanced search option. They can increase the accuracy of their searches by using more fields.

08. Privacy Fields: Let users hide their images and other information from visitors. The privacy fields are package-specific. You could easily change them through the Packages module.

Developer Modules

Modules to enhance the functionality of your GoClixy - eCommerce Script. You can also add your own module through the Admin Panel.